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The beginnings of SITEX silk-screen printing centre trace back to the year 1989. From that time we have been gradually increasing our technological possibilities. Currently the substrates on which you can place graphics include:

In 1999 we opened the section of overprinting on advertising gadgets. We cooperate with one tested and reliable supplier.

In 2006 we created a line for printing the airbag instructions to be used in all Europe by Fiat 500, Panda, Ford Ka, and IVECO cars. We implemented a rigorous system for controlling print quality, which was confirmed by an external audit conducted by Fiat Poland.

In 2008 we initiate our experience with silk-screen   printing transfer, thanks to which we can apply many colours at an attractive price, with both low and high outlays, and including places of difficult access, e.g. fabric edges or seams. Our technology enables us to produce a series of overprints and apply designs by ourselves using the thermo press as needed.

In 2010 we started using UV paints, which are more ecological and environment-friendly than common, solvent-based paints.


Our machinery resources:

  1. B3 and B0 format semi-automatic screen printer,
  2. B3 and B0 transfer press,
  3. UV and IR tunnel, 1 m wide,
  4. B2 guillotine,
  5. Heidelberg automatic die cutter,
  6. double industrial drilling machine,
  7. 2-colour tampography,
  8. 6-colour carousel,
  9. cutting plotter,
  10. manual silk-screen printers.


Our technological possibilities :

  1. printing in white, silver, and gold at a standard price, with glossy or matt finishing,
  2. manufacturing high-resistance self-adhesive stickers, cut straight or using a blanking die,
  3. printing on difficult substrates, like PP or PE, using PCV, PCW, and PET polycarbonates,
  4. applying ecological prints to t-shirts, using water paint screen printing,
  5. printing on sports clothes applying personalised colour selection and sublime printing,
  6. preparing exclusive business cards made of decorative cardboard or colourless polypropylene material,
  7. high-volume printing of banners using simple but very pure and vivid graphics, 1-3 colours,
  8. full-colour printing on polyester of unlimited length,
  9. printing on ready items, e.g. books or catalogues when a graphic designer has forgotten to include important information,
  10. printing on metal panels with a positioning accuracy of up to 0.1 mm.

We have our own graphics studio and help adequately prepare files for printing. Our graphic designers also professionally design and process patterns and designs.

Our 23-year experience enables us to give advice on many matters, such as selecting the most suitable printing technique or arriving at the most economical price in relation to costs. All orders are fulfilled in our production hall, by our expert and regular team of workers.


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