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Screen printing - most long-lasting and all at the same time cheapest by larger circulations method of the inscription on fabrics. We are recording printouts in IR tunnels, we apply only eco-friendly water-soluble paints. We perform the press from the Pantone system or the CMYK. the Imprint is soft, is keeping waiting for a few years without the evident marks of age, isn't cracking, isn't fading. In contrast with other techniques he isn't stopping air. It is possible to press after the imprint (only by bright fabrics)

Transfer - the best way to carry the small number of copies out in the short term. For carrying the application out in the inaccessible space for the traditional press e.g. a seam allows.

FLEX - embossing the pattern with special foil - he is giving the clear colour perfectly, but in the limited palette dye. Method applied at the low expenditure, of personalization of T-shirts (e.g. name, surname, number). The imprint is long-lasting.

FLOCK - identically as FLEX, with the difference that the imprint has a characteristic down. He isn't suitable for small elements

We are making the ornament with direct screen printing, transfer, flex, flock